29.08.1915: Bernard Joins the Flying Corps | Bernard tritt dem Fliegerkorps bei | Bernard rejoint le Flying Corps


Sunday Aug. 29th ‘15

Dear Father

Very many thanks for your long and
newsy letter.  I am so glad to hear you are
enjoying such an excellent holiday and hope
you will return to your work next Tuesday
all the better for it.  My own affairs are
going along very nicely, and I am expecting to
be sent home any day now for a brief stay to
collect the necessary kit.  I went all the way
to G.H.Q. by rail, a six hours journey, on
Wednesday last to see the R.F.C. people who
required a personal interview.  The Captain who
saw me was most awfully nice and after a
short talk with me told me to return to my corps
there to await further instructions in the shape of
my commission papers, and leave warrant.  When
these turn up I shall come home to get fitted up,
and return to France as soon as possible for…

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15.08.1915: Bernard Applies for a Commission | Bernard bewirbt sich um ein Offizierspatent | Bernard présente sa candidature à un poste d’officier


Sunday 15th Aug ‘15

Dear Father

Thank you so much for the parcel of
supplies which arrived two days ago.  The cigarettes
were most welcome, as were the tobacco, and
cake.  Thank you very much for them.  The cake
was especially appreciated in my mess, which
consists of the sergeant, and myself!  Ofcourse {sic} we
gave a tea party, and had excellent fun terminating
with much smoking, & a gamble with “les petits
cheveaux”.  The pipe, and mouthpiece, arrived yesterday
maintenant je suis fort content!  The aeroplanes
have been very busy these last few days.  Last evening
I could see four enemy machines behind our own
lines at once, & all being vigorously shelled.
Two must have been hit by the shrapnel, the bursts
were so close, but none were brought down.

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05.08.1915: Peter feiert den Sieg von Warschau | Peter celebrates the victory in Warsaw | Peter fête la victoire à Varsovie

Crouy, d. 5.8.15.

Liebe Eltern, Geschw. u. Oheim!

Da ich schon verschiedene

Tage nicht mehr von Euch

gehört habe, und Ihr auch jetzt

mit Arbeit überhäuft seid,

will ich Euch [eingefügt] ein wenig erzählen.

Sind jetzt wieder in Stellung

und zwar ist’s hier wunderbar.

Man merkt auch kaum

daß Krieg ist, wird fast gar

nicht geschossen. Liegen nur

5-600 m vor Soisson und

können uns die ganze Gegend

kostenlos beschauen.


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