22.05.1916 : Attaque groupée d’une “saucisse” allemande | Geschlossener Angriff auf einen deutschen Fesselballon | Grouped Attack on a Drachen



22 mai 1916

Ma chère Jeanne

Je crois qu’il y a fort longtemps que je ne vous ai envoyé de nouvelles. J’ai été très occupé ces temps-ci.


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14.05.1916: Bernard’s Crash | Bernard hat einen Unfall | Le Crash de Bernard

 On 14th May 1916 Bernard Rice was involved in an accident while undergoing pilot training in England. Operating out of RAF Beaulieu aerodrome and piloting the AVRO 504 trainer, Rice’s Flying Log Book simply states “Crash. Nose dive from 300’”. He was admitted to Balmer Lawn Military Hospital in Brockenhurst with a broken femur. Rice was unable to fly again until discharged from hospital. In October 1916 he re-joined his squadron and continued his training at RAF Beaulieu.

The Royal Air Force Museum is not in possession of any letters written by Bernard during this time, though he undoubtedly wrote often. In the absence of letters the posts that follow this one will look at the machinery and equipment that Rice would have used during his time with the RFC.

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