18.05.1917: Bernard’s Lecture | Le sermon de Bernard | Bernards Vortrag


~ No.8 Squadron ~

18 May
to 21 May

Dear old Dad

Wilt do slight job for me? I enclose
cheque for £1. for Johnny Morgan’s licence. Thanks
v.much if you will. The above is symbolical
of a dose of leave which I am expecting shortly.
Bill, a brother flight C.O., goes early this next
week, then Lewis, one of my pilots the week after,
and I go next. What ‘opes? {sic} I will probably
be home for my birthday so tell Mary with
suitable messages from me to have a dish of …

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15.05.1917: Peters ehemalige Front | Peter’s Former Front | L’ancien front de Peter

+ Gasalarm im Schützengraben; Westfront, um 1917.
Aus der Sammlung des Militärhistorischen Museums der Bundeswehr – Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow (ABAA5490)

+ Gas Alarm in a Trench; Western front, c. 1917.
From the Collection of Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr – Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow (ABAA5490)

+ Alerte au gaz dans les tranchées; Front ouest, c. 1917.
De la collection du Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr – Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow (ABAA5490)

Von Peter haben wir im Mai 1917 leider keine Schriftstücke. Allerdings wird er den Verlauf der britisch-französischen Frühjahrsoffensiven mit Interesse und Besorgnis verfolgt haben, schließlich hatte er zuvor an mehreren der Frontabschnitte selbst gekämpft.

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10.05.1917: Bernard Moves House | Bernard déménage | Bernard zieht um

Quirk Cottage

Dear old Dad.

What lovely weather! What heat! What a
life! So many thanks for your letters of 29; and
4, and the congratulations contained in the letter.
Please convey my thanks to Sisters Edward, and
Theitre. About leave, people in the squadron
are getting it again in order of their last
entry into the country. Three months must elapse
after entering the country before one is again
eligible, so that I am not eligible before May
27, and as things go now my turn may come
in June, towards the end I expect.
I am writing this on the verandah {sic} which we
have fixed up outside the “Stage” and have …

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