18.05.1917: Bernard’s Lecture



~ No.8 Squadron ~

18 May

to 21 May


Dear old Dad


Wilt do slight job for me? I enclose

cheque for £1. for Johnny Morgan’s licence. Thanks

v. much if you will. The above is symbolical

of a dose of leave which I am expecting shortly.

Bill, a brother flight C.O., goes early this next

week, then Lewis, one of my pilots the week after,

and I go next. What ‘opes? {sic} I will probably

be home for my birthday so tell Mary with

suitable messages from me to have a dish of…

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10.05.1917: Bernard Moves House


Quirk Cottage


Dear old Dad.


What lovely weather! What heat! What a

life! So many thanks for your letters of 29; and

4, and the congratulations contained in the letter.

Please convey my thanks to Sisters Edward, and

Theitre. About leave, people in the squadron

are getting it again in order of their last

entry into the country. Three months must elapse

after entering the country before one is again

eligible, so that I am not eligible before May

27, and as things go now my turn may come

in June, towards the end I expect.

I am writing this on the verandah {sic} which we

have fixed up outside the “Stage” and have…

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29.04.1917: Bernard’s Welcome Guest | L’invité de Bernard | Bernards willkommener Gast


The Dormitory
No. 8 BEF


Dear old Dad.

Summer like Spring is really come &
we are all flying just for the joy of it.
Eddy came over to dinner two nights ago on a
side-car, and gave me an awfully nice
surprise. He is a cheery bloke dear old thing.
He looks awfully well too, inspite of his late
attack of Hun malady. The following day
he came over on his own monster to lunch
and stopped with us until six o’clock when
he landed his biplane, and proceeded to stunt…

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24.04.1917: Bernard Awarded the Military Cross | Bernard reçoit la Military Cross | Bernard erhält den Orden Military Cross


April 24: 4.15 – 5.35
Went out with Heaven to knock out
another battery. Saw 4 Hun Scouts coming up
so cleared for action. Were attacked by all four
atfirst {sic}. Two then broke off, and we set to.
Spiralling, and dodging, to keep them off my
tail. Heaven fired hard in bursts. Tracers
could be seen entering their fuselages. The poor
old Quirk shivered every time they hit us.
After 3 or 4 minutes hard work the Huns
cleared off, and appeared to have had enough.

Flew back very carefully to ‘drome and
counted our damage. One flying wire cut.
both bottom longerons holed. Rudder
frame smashed. Controls cut through.
In all 54 hits. Very fine scrap. Machine
written off. -12th Scrap- 276’20”.

Heaven, and I awarded M.C’s.

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22.04.1917: Die Familie Falkenstein im Frühjahr 1917 | The Falkenstein Family in Spring 1917 | La famille Falkenstein au printemps 1917


Jablonna, 22.4.1917

Der Gefreite Falkenstein bittet
um Arbeitsurlaub zur Bestellung
der Frühjahrssaat. Mein 4 Bruder ist
auch vor 14 Tagen bei Garde Pionier eingezogen und
der Vater allein in der Landwirtschaft
und Müllerei.

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15.04.1917: Jean est-il heureux? | Is Jean Happy? | Ist Jean glücklich?


Réflexions d’un jeune homme bien portant ayant une situation enviable et de l’argent dans sa poche et une maitresse charmante

Alors que j’étais dans ma famille et que je faisais mes études, j’ai eu de grands désirs, j’avais soif de liberté de grand air et d’aventures. Depuis quelques trois ans mes désirs sont pour la plupart des réal devenus des réalités. Je me suis gorgé de grand air j’ai eu des aventures de toutes sortes et j’ai joui de la plus belle liberté qu’il était de possible de rêver j’ai presque obtenu la célébrité mon nom a été dans les journaux et des portraits de moi de toutes sortes ont paru. Je puis aller n’importe où : je suis comme fêté et choyé dans les milieux les plus divers.

Jusqu’à présent la vie m’a apporté tout ce que je pouvais désirer.
Je me pose maintenant la question.
Suis-je heureux ?

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11.04.1917: Bernard Takes Aim | Bernard a un but | Bernard nimmt den Feind ins Visier


Quirk cottage


Dear old Dad.

Still smiling and well. Have you been getting
any P.Cs.? Am writing to tell you the latest yarn to
be passed round in your mess. It is quite a nice one.
“ ‘Phone message to brigade. Lorry blocked by a tank
on Cambrai road. Result satisfactory, a Ford.”
How’s that? G.O.C Flying Corps landed here a few
days ago, and congratulated us on our excellent work.
And expressed a wish that we would let you at home
know what we are doing. (By the way this mustn’t
be published now, because it would mean a count
martial for me!) So I am going to let you into
some of the work we do. You can tell people about it
as much as you like. In the first place there is no
reason to be alarmed at our casualties we are not …

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15.03.1917: Le testament de Jean Chaput | Jean Chaput’s Will | Jean Chaputs Testament

Revenu sur le front après huit mois de convalescence, Jean y rédige immédiatement ce testament. La première légataire est A , sa maitresse dont très peu de choses sont connues. Jean l’évoque rarement, et on ne sait ni qui elle est ni quelle est précisément leur relation.

On sait qu’ils se sont fréquentés durant la convalescence de de Jean à Paris, puisque celui-ci écrit le 12 mars dans un nouveau carnet : «  La femme aimée est partie, et je suis seule avec moi-même dans la capitale, rien ne me retient plus. Je trouve mon petit appartement un peu mélancolique et mon lit bien grand. Je range un peu et prépare mon départ. »

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09.03.1917: Bernard on Leave | Bernard auf Heimaturlaub | Bernard en permission


-No. 8 squadron-

9th Mar 17

Dear old Dad.

That was a good spot of leave
By Jove. I was getting a little bit shakey {sic} before
I left here, and now we feel ready for
anything. Losses have been a bit stiff
since I came back, & I’ve attended (?)
double funeral, and skipped another,
cheeky isn’t it? However most of these
things can be accounted for by inexperience …

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20.02.1917: Peters Pakete aus der Heimat | Peter’s Parcels from Home | Peter reçoit des paquets du pays


Coblenz, d. 20.II.17.

Gestern Eure liebe Karte und
soeben das große Paket mit
vielem Dank erhalten.
Werde wahrscheinlich doch noch
in nächster Zeit in Urlaub
kommen. Sonst noch alles
beim Alten. Auf baldiges Wieder-
sehen grüßt Euch recht herzlich, Euer
Sohn u. Bruder Peter
Komme vielleicht
Sonntag nach dort

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17.02.1917: Un poème sur la guerre écrit par Jean Chaput | A Poem on War by Jean Chaput | Ein Kriegsgedicht von Jean Chaput

Des longs mois où Jean est convalescent à Paris, il reste peu de sources. Il reste notamment un poème, inachevé qui a été écrit à la fin de l’hiver 1916-17 ou au début du printemps 1917. Durant cette période loin du front, Jean commence à rédiger des réflexions plus intimes que ce qui était écrit jusque-là dans ses notes de guerre ou dans sa correspondance.

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15.01.1917: Bernard’s War Loan | L’emprunt de guerre de Bernard | Bernard zeichnet Kriegsanleihen



Dear old Dad.

Are you the father of a daughter-in-law
yet? Faut expliques. I had a capital letter
from Mary yesterday giving me all the news.
What is this she tells me about Eddy hot
stuffing your china & silver. Mon dieu, et
sacré mon dieu chien! Il a pas peur.
Bloody lip in plain English. What are
you doing, taking to chop sticks?
What about this war loan? I am ordering
two copies of it. Think I can scrape up enough
dust to pay for one dish, must overdraw a …

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09.01.1917: Uneingeschränkter U-Boot-Krieg | Unrestricted Submarine Warfare | La guerre sous-marine à outrance

Gemälde “Untergang der Lusitania“. Quelle: Deutsches Bundesarchiv, DVM 10 Bild-23-61-17 / CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Painting “Sinking of the Lusitania“. Source: German Federal Archives, DVM 10 Bild-23-61-17 / CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Peinture “Naufrage du Lusitania“. Source: Les Archives Fédérales allemandes, DVM 10 Bild-23-61-17 / CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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01.01.1917: Bernard in High Spirits | Bernard de très bonne humeur | Bernard in bester Stimmung



Dear old Dad,
A very happy “New Year” to you, and
many, many more of them!
What a life!! ‘Xmas, and then “New
Year’s Eve,” some revelry!! You must
be having great times by your account,
up to your ears in festivities, dances, &
what not. Do send me a very full
account so soon as your hand steadies down
a bit! How is the matrimonial Eddy …

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